The company of the future

I’ve recently started a course on Coursera by The London Business School about “Managing the company of the future”.

In this course, professor Julian Birkinshaw teaches us how our current management models are based on traditional ways of looking at how we work.

He talks about the Industrial Era and how everything was based on controlling factory workers (a concept that Frederic Laloux equally talks about in his book Reinventing Organizations – check out my earlier blog post about this book.).

Today, we are faced with a ‘Knowledge Area’. Birkinshaw questions how all the available information and knowledge will challenge us in the future. Companies of the future will have to be agile, innovative, and engaging. A lot of the content matches what Eric Ries has to say in the Lean Start-Up about ‘intrapreneurship‘.*

The course is free if you don’t care about getting the official certificate. Or you can try it out for free and purchase it later. You can enroll here. Professor Julian Birkinshaw is a great teacher and you can download the videos to watch them offline. (I really like watching them in the train!)

What I equally wrote down was ‘paralysis by analysis’ or how too much information can cloud your decision-making abilities. This definitely resonated with me. I used to think a lot about how work defined me. It had to include all my hobbies and interests, without even knowing what all my interests were!


*intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working in an established company.



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