Forget about ‘finding your unique talent’?

How much easier would our lives be if all of us had one specific talent? Or if we knew what our passion truly was? Most of us don’t really know.

Stanford Professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans wrote a book about designing your life and they say: “Many people operate under the dysfunctional belief that they just need to find out what they are passionate about. Once they know their passion, everything else will somehow magically fall into place. We hate this idea for one very good reason: most people don’t know their passion.” 

These days you can also have many talents or passions and be a ‘multipotentialite’ or a ‘polymath’. (Check out these two TED videos by Emilie Wapnick and Ella Saltmarshe about having multiple interests and talents.)

But now what? How do you get to the point where you know: this is what I should and will do?


I haven’t finished the book by Evans & Burnett yet, but I can tell you what I’ve learned on my road to work happiness so far.

  • Find out when you’re truly having fun at work & why you’re having fun
  • Find out when you forget about time
  • Find out what you would like to learn
  • Find out if you’re ok working solo – or if you prefer working in a team
  • Don’t just think about your career, think about it in a holistic way – take into account family, friends, me-time, sports, travel, time to read books, time to see your children, etc.

And what if you do know what your passion is?

  • Find out if you really want to pursue your passion all day long (it often comes at a price)
  • Find out if you really want your passion to pay the bills

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