Bored at work? 3 tips to make it better

  1. Quit! Just kidding.
  2. Take your hobby to work. Find out what your hobbies truly are. Maybe you can incorporate a small part of your hobby into your job. Talk to your co-workers or manager about what excites you or how it could mean something for your company. Having you stay on board is usually in their benefit (except if you’re really slouching big time…).
  3. Speak up. Just talking about the fact you could take on more responsability can change a lot of things. I know it’s hard. I know you don’t really want to say “Hey there, could you give me more work?”. Don’t ask for more work, ask for different work. Or ask for additional training. Ask if you could get transferred to another department. Or even another country, if your company is a multinational! A good manager should listen to your needs. Even to something small like getting off work an hour earlier so you could walk your dog – you never know!
  4. Do something different! You can’t change anything if you’re just reading articles. Here are a few suggestions:
    – Make a list of pros and cons about your job (and pros and cons about leaving or staying).
    – If a large chunk of your day includes sitting in front of a computer, find ways to incorporate fun at the office. Suggest a team building (low in cost), take your hamster to work, etc.
    – Write down the perfect job description and see how big the gap is with your current job.
    – Find a career coach in your area.
    – Find a way to train for another job or industry. There are lot of inspirational and open online courses out there these days (check out my resources).
    – Talk to people that look happy at work and pick their brains.



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