The importance of social skills

I’ve been reading and researching a lot about startups recently and I now know more than I should about technology, lifehacking, CES, incubators and what not.
The cool part is the fact that I encounter lots of creativity and creative problem solving, so why does it somehow irritates me as well?

In an article from TIME magazine, I read about ’10 of the coolest gadgets from CES 2017′, and I realized there are probably people who buy this and are genuinely excited about it, but aren’t we taking it all a bit too far?

The thing is, the irritated feeling I had was the following: we’re trying to hack social skills.
We’re avoiding all things awkward, just like Simon Sinek (author and motivational speaker) says in this interview about millennials in the workplace.

I think it’s a shame. ‘Emotional suppression’ makes us stay in our little comfort zone which we like, but I still think we’re all wired for lifelong learning, especially social skills.

Sherry Turkle (a professor at Massachussetts Institute of Technology) also talks about this beautifully in her TED talk ‘Connected, but alone?’

You would think I’m an old person reflecting about ‘these youngsters today’ and sigh. But professors Maike Luhmann (University of Cologne) and Louise C. Hawkley (National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago) researched the feeling of loneliness at mid age and found that the risk of becoming lonely isn’t limited to old age.

In an article in The Independent by Rebecca Harris (Psychology Professor at the University of Bolton) it even says “Social pain is as real a sensation for us as physical pain, and research has shown loneliness impacts on health in a greater way than smoking or obesity“.

What do you think?

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