The power of wisdom & humor

When I got married in June, I was looking for someone to direct my secular wedding ceremony. I wanted someone with wisdom without being too airy fairy and I wanted him (or her) to have humor and make us all laugh after having said something deep and meaningful.

It got me thinking about leadership and how I’ve always been inspired by managers or consultants that had this magic combination of wise & funny comebacks. It’s not about just cracking jokes all the time, it’s that kind of intelligent humor that comes when you’re truly happy or at ease and peace with life. I can’t really explain it, but think about it. There must be inspiring people in your life that you can think about. Are they wise? And are they (even a little bit) funny? Are you happy to see them? Do they make your day?

I used to work for a consultancy firm and I’d meet a lot of consultants at the office. What always made my days, were the ones that came in with a big smile or some juvenile mischief in their eyes.

I started researching this, and it seems motivational speaker Paul Osincup would agree. He talks about the power of humor in leadership. His TEDx talk is called ‘leading with laughter’. How great is that?

Some people have even made a career out of this: check out (Humor at Work).


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