The power of self-management

I’ve recently signed up for a project that guides ‘bright and young’ minds in order to develop their ideas and their entrepreneurship. Someone in our team recommended I should read ‘Reinventing organisations’ by Frederic Laloux. I’ve been reading the first two chapters and it’s already so inspiring.

The author researched new ways of organizing. He looked for successful companies operating entirely differently and asked them to participate in his research. Examples include FAVI, Buurtzorg, AES, Morning Star, Patagonia, etc.

What struck me as the most inspiring aspect so far, is the fact that we hugely underestimate the power of autonomy and self-management when it comes to work. He talks about teams operating entirely autonomously and by eliminating the hierarchy typical for pyramidal systems (employee-teamleader-managers-ceo’s), employees feel much more motivated and valued.

*Note: the author has a pseudoscientific tendency – it seems his ‘conclusions’ are not based on legitimate scientific research.

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