Steve Jobs – part 2

After having done some research about the early life of Steve Jobs, it struck me that he had gone to an ashram in India.

In an article by The Washington Post (‘Inside the Indian temple that draws American tech’ titans‘) I found the following about his stay in India:

“”He spent most of his time walking around nearby villages and reading an English version of “Autobiography of a Yogi,” the story of another famed sage, according to Isaacson. … He was searching for the same thing all of us search for, what we’re still searching for, the meaning of life, why we live, how we can do anything good in our lifetimes,” said Brilliant, who became a lifelong friend.”

I often worry my ideas and what I’m doing is too spiritual or airy fairy. It brings me comfort to know one of the world’s greatest minds was a seeker as well. And not just Jobs, but other tech’ titans like Zuckerberg as well:

The idea of expanding consciousness is inextricably linked with the hippie counterculture movement of the 1960s and early 1970s and those like Jobs who developed personal computers. Jobs left India after seven months but embraced Zen Buddhism and meditation for the rest of his life. More than four decades later, Silicon Valley’s biggest companies are employing “mindfulness counselors” and opening meditation rooms for digitally distracted employees.” *

*Source: The Washington Post –



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